Am I bovvered? How to write from your reader’s point of view

Your reader doesn’t care about you. So focus your writing around them.

Reader-centred writing is more interesting, and leads to more clicks, sales and engagement.

Imagine you’re about to go on a training course. Here’s some blurb describing the provider’s ‘approach’:

Writer-centred course

Does it get you excited about the course? It’s all about the training provider. Look what happens if we change “we” to “you”, and do a little tidying:

How to write from the reader's point of view

By shifting the focus, we make it much more relevant and engaging. We’ve also made it more concise and highlighted the most interesting parts.

Make your customers more bovvered

You can improve your marketing material such as your website using the same principle. Take this snippet from a plumbing merchant’s site:

Writer-centred snippet

That’s writer-centred. Here’s the same information from the reader’s point of view:

Reader-centred snippet

It’s reader-focused because not only is it centred around “you”, but it highlights the desired future of the reader, and shows them what they need to do.

So next time you start writing, remember: yes, your reader needs to know you’re the best one to help them reach their desired future. But beyond that, your reader doesn’t care about you. Think about what matters to them and reframe your sentences from “I” or “we” to “you”.

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