Why do this course?

Well-structured, easy to understand emails make your reader more likely to act.

Healthy emails improve business relationships, increase productivity and save time. They’re good for your company and good for your career.

This workshop will help you write assertive, persuasive emails that have a positive impact.


A half-day course that will build your skills and confidence through activities and exercises. You’ll learn how to improve your efficiency and effectiveness through specific techniques.

What will I learn to do?

  • Write emails that create and maintain positive relationships with recipients
  • Structure emails so they are easy to understand and process
  • Discover techniques to be more persuasive and to trigger action
  • Use appropriate style, tone and etiquette
  • Create short, instructive and unambiguous subject lines
  • Use appropriate greetings and sign-offs
  • Edit and proofread effectively before pressing send

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