Effective Report Writing

To write a useful presentation of facts, you need to be organised and impartial, yet engaging and persuasive.

Reports should be well structured, logically sequenced, accurate, reliable and easy to read. It’s a piece of writing that ensures your work is noticed and what needs to happen happens.

The course guides you through my six-step process to make you a confident report writer. You’ll learn tools and techniques to plan, draft, write clearly and concisely, and have a positive impact on your readers.

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Writing to Persuade

Learn how to win people over with your writing.

Persuasive writing gets more people to read your website or blog. It interests customers and drives sales. It convinces your staff, your boss, even investors to back an idea.

The workshop will teach you specific techniques for focusing on your reader, using clear language, incorporating stories and crafting sentences that sing.

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Writing winning award entries

Awards are a way to get publicity and recognition. They set you apart for your competitors and make clients trust you more. You’ll get lots of media exposure and it’s proof of your credibility.

The course will show you how to approach awards, structure your ideas, write case studies, write clearly and refine your applications to give them their best chance of winning.

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Effective Editing

Great writers are ruthless editors. Writing concisely makes your message easier to read and understand, and builds trust.

The half-day course is ideal for people who have to edit documents to make them clearer, more concise and more compelling.

It’s useful for anyone who has to write or contribute to reports, articles, proposals, white papers and all types of business communication.

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Assertive Email Writing

Your emails convey your brand. Every email you send affects your personal reputation, so well written emails are good for your career and good for your company.

In this course we consider what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn how to be persuasive and how to get people to do things. We’ll cover how best to structure an email, what tone to use, etiquette and how to create great visual impact.

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Better Business Writing

Good writing is crucial at work. It helps readers understand and act on your message.

It helps build trust, respect and strong working relationships, saving time, driving sales and benefiting your career.

The workshop shows you how to plan, structure and edit your words to help your reader. We look at establishing clear purpose and using straightforward language. We’ll also cover visual impact and ensuring your work is totally accurate.

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Writing to Present

Presentations have to be spoken, but first they have to be written, and a well written script leads naturally to a successful presentation.

The course takes you through a step-by-step approach to writing great presentations and getting the outcomes you want.

You’ll practise how to quickly plan and draft, then focus on structuring, content, language and creating great slides.

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Writing to Manage

Great leaders are admired for their powerful communication skills. It’s how they inspire, motivate and persuade people.

Alas, lots of workers feel disengaged and have poor relationships with managers, which is often due to poor manager communication.

This course helps managers talk to their staff more effectively and deal with typical management challenges.

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Meetings, minutes & agendas

This is all about having quicker and more fruitful meetings. The workshop shows you how to prepare for meetings, write focused agendas, listen actively, summarise key points and produce final minutes.

It’s suitable for all levels of staff taking different roles in meetings. The course teaches you techniques to make meetings more effective, ensure action follows on and time isn’t wasted.

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Punctuation & Grammar Masterclass

A well written document can fail due to poor grammar and punctuation. So strive to make your important documents totally correct.

This half-day course covers correct use of punctuation such as apostrophes, commas and colons. We’ll also clarify common grammar difficulties, parts of speech and useful-to-know terms.

Learning correct punctuation and grammar can be interesting and fun!

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