Why do this course?

Learn how to edit documents to make them clearer, more concise and more compelling. It’s useful for anyone who has to write or contribute to reports, articles, proposals, white papers and all types of business communication.


A half-day workshop to help you write informative and effective documents and edit them to be more persuasive and easily understood. You’ll learn how to plan, establish purpose, connect with your audience, choose the right words, decide what to amend or leave out and be accurate.

What will I learn to do?

• Approach writing strategically and consider what makes good business writing
• Write with purpose. Decide what’s important and write with the reader at the centre
• Write less and say more. Be concise and edit ruthlessly
• Choose the right words. Learn ways to simplify language and be more persuasive
• Be accurate. Proofreading tips and common spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
• Put it into practice. We’ll critique source material and rewrite an article

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