Why do this course?

Writing a report is a great opportunity to show you can communicate clearly, concisely and with purpose.

This course is designed to help you present quality information to clients, colleagues, senior managers and the board.


A full-day workshop designed to show you techniques to become a confident and effective report writer.

You’ll be guided through a six-step writing process. The course will include interactive activities, exercises, quizzes and discussions. You’ll practice planning, structuring and editing, and write and present a short report.

What will I learn to do?

  • Approach the report writing process confidently
  • Identify your audience, purpose, objective and key issue
  • Create a report outline through mind mapping and other techniques
  • Organise your information
  • Use an appropriate structure and consider different methods of development
  • Prepare an executive summary
  • Use visual elements to enhance the report
  • Use correct English in your writing
  • Demonstrate a good writing style
  • Write and present a simple report.

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