Improve your writing in 30 seconds – three quick tips for busy people

Three things to do to make sure your writing has strong impact:

1. Write straightforwardly

Be straightforward

People trust and respect us more when we write in a human way. Don’t use words you’d only type in the office. Stay clear of vague, corporate gobbledegook (providing solutions), weak words (very, significant) and repeated meanings (new innovation). Use everyday words like ask and answer ahead of request and respond.

2. Make it clear what you want or what you’re offering, or both

Have purpose

The reader should know what to do after they finish reading, so write with an obvious purpose.

3. Most importantly, focus on your reader and write from his or her point of view

Focus on the reader

Put yourself in their shoes to help understand their needs. Why does it matter to them? How will they be better off after reading? That will lead to better interactions and more transactions.

Got time for more? My Better Business Writing course is a general course to help you gain trust, respect and better outcomes through words.

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