If you:

  • post ads
  • send emails
  • write reports
  • publish blogs
  • pitch ideas
  • tweet messages
  • design websites
  • enter awards
  • compose essays
  • submit proposals or
  • apply for funding,

I can help you create the right impressions to get the outcomes you want. Get in touch.

Editing and Proofreading

Doncaster proofreader

All writing can be improved for style, structure and accuracy. On the other hand, you may need your message rewriting for a specific audience. I can make sure you get your message across in the most effective way.


Doncaster Copywriter

To get a good reaction, your message needs to create the right effect.

I can help you do this by discovering users’ needs, problems and situations and writing persuasive messages to get them to buy, act and believe in what you’re offering.

You can also use me to rewrite complex information in a straightforward way for wider audiences to understand. This includes websites, mailshots, reports, applications, press releases and handbooks

I’ll write original content to tell people about your product and optimise it to get it up the search engine results and get more clicks.

Award Entry Writing

Doncaster award entry writing

Awards are great publicity for you and your organisation. But running an awards project is time consuming.

I can help you decide which awards to apply for and what points to make. I’ll work with you to plan, write and evidence your application to give it the best chance of getting shortlisted.

Find out more here.

Business Manifesto Writing

Business Manifesto Writing

Manifestos tell the world what you’re about and what your values are. They’re powerful documents that can serve as starting points for blogs, press releases, proposals, awards and funding applications.

Get in touch if you’d like help developing a business manifesto. They remind clients and staff why you exist, so are great for loyalty and morale!

Content Design

Content designContent is everything we read and react to. Your online content should be just what users are looking for, available easily.

Content design takes a user-minded approach to giving information to people online. Rather than just writing words, content design is concerned with presenting the user with the best information (and experience) that solves his or her problem. It may be an infographic, a video, or a tool, just as well as a written article. It’s content that works best for your audiences.

I can help plan and design your content, make it easy to find from a search engine and determine when to publish it, and where.

For further information, contact me when you’re ready.

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