Why do this course?

Autocratic styles of managing are unpopular and ineffective. Nowadays the higher you climb on the management ladder, the more you need to consider the feelings of all staff.

If you want people to work hard and say nice things about you and the company, stay courteous, considerate and accommodating. You can show this in both what you say and what you write. The result is you become a more effective manager.

This workshops shows ways to maximise positive outcomes from any situation through your writing.


A half-day course to consider the best ways of inspiring, motivating and relating to team members.

You’ll be shown ways to break bad news, make the most of good news, criticise constructively, write requests and give orders. We’ll consider how to write to seniors and avoid the blame game. You’ll also learn techniques to make your writing easy to respond to.

What Will I Learn To Do?

  • Understand the right tone to use as a manager
  • Learn different techniques for motivating staff and building rapport
  • Consider ways to approach difficult situations
  • Write in an open and approachable way

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