Persuasive business writing


We all want our writing to get read and to influence people. The blogger who wants to attract readers. The small business owner who wants their brochure to lead to sales. The manager who wants to impress the board. The boss who wants to inspire staff.

Companies that write persuasively get people’s attention and make them believe in their products, services and ideas. Learn how to empathise better and use clear language that draws people in.


A new half day course to help you write more engaging emails, presentations, brochures, websites, blogs and proposals. We’ll look at ways to empathise and connect with your reader, write clearly and concisely and practise specific techniques.

What Will I Learn To Do?

  • Establish purpose in your writing
  • Develop ways to empathise with your reader
  • Write with clarity and conciseness
  • Avoid types of language that turns readers off
  • Structure your writing strategically
  • Use persuasive language such as rhetoric to win people over

Recent feedback

Very informative session and has changed my thinking completely to write my new schools brochure. Thank you.

Has given me confidence to write to customers and start a helpful blog to go with the business.

I found the event very informative. I’ve learned a lot on how to plan what I want to get across to my potential customers. My plan is to put it into practice and tackle social media marketing and advertising.

Liked the handout – has many good aspects and features to take away.

I really enjoyed the class and if there are more, it will really help other businesses.

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